Alsedana is one of the Four Philosophers and can be found in the Village of Departure. After defeating Vritra, he will present Lumisa with the Beherit. Once certain conditions have been met, the player will receive a Xelputter message indicating that Alsedana has died, and a funeral sequence will be played at (A-3). From that point on, Alsedana will be replaced by Giltoriyo within the same tent.

Glossary Entry

One of the Four Philosophers, Alsedana is the philosopher of death. After the destruction of the La-Mulana ruins, he settled down near the village altar to live out his days peacefully in his old age. After being relieved of his duties, his lifeforce has gradually deteriorated and he appears to be embracing his own death.


First visit

Oh, what a charming young visitor.
I'm Alsedana.

I am one of the Four Philosphers who once controlled death itself. Now, as you can see, I just lie in wait for death to come.

I've heard about you from the Elder, but there isn't much I can do to help.

Fobos and Samaranta, two of the younger Philosophers, are inside the ruins. You should pay them a visit.

Since you've come all this way to see me, I'd be happy to tell you whatever you'd like to hear about the old days.


Second visit (Repeats)

If you go deeper in, there's an altar out past this house. I really like that place. I sort of insisted on living here since it's close by.

That altar is used for village festivals and rituals.
For example, funerals and such.

I'd been sleeping down in the ruins for so long, I'm happy to be able to die up here aboveground.


Would you like to hear that again?

  • Yes, please.
  • I'm cool!