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The unofficial La-Mulana 2 wiki is being discontinued in favor of the Official La-Mulana 2 Wiki hosted on Gamepedia.

The wonderful folks at Playism have recognized and praised our efforts here, and thanks to them, we have now been granted administrative rights to the official wiki. As such, all existing content will be migrated as-is to the new site; not only will this allow us to utilize a more robust and reliable set of tools for creating and maintaining content, it also gives us a seal of approval which demonstrates to the community that our information is trustworthy and reliable. This is an exciting opportunity, and I hope everyone who has participated in the journey thus far will join us in this new adventure.

Contributors: Please refrain from making further edits or adding new pages to this wiki as we work on migrating existing content to the new site - any changes from this point forward may not be carried over! The Fandom site will be left open for an indeterminate length of time after the migration is complete. Existing contribution and edit history will be preserved, and past contributors will be recognized on the new site as well. Please keep an eye on both this and the new site for important updates, and don't hesitate to contact me on Discord (Ragu#5730) if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for all you have done so far, and I look forward to seeing your continued contributions on the official wiki.

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LA-MULANA2 launch trailer

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